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EVADC 2023

EV Info Sheet

Fully Electric Models

Updated April 2023

Info Sheet Archive

To see our archive of past Info Sheets, especially for those interested in a used EV or for information on older Plug-In Hybrids, click here

Our Famous Electric Vehicle Information SheetThere are now so many EVs that since our 10th anniversary edition in 2022 we are only including fully electric models. The sheet still covers two full pages and is packed with information. With the fast changing pace of new models, this sheet is a snapshot of what is available with various specs and costs. Additional information includes incentives, charging information and more!  Contact us for bulk orders on high-quality glossy paper for larger events.

EV Benefits White Paper

EV Benefits Flyer - MD

EV Benefits Flyer - VA

The Far-reaching Benefits of Electric Vehicles - EVADC has sponsored a white paper on the far-reaching benefits of electric vehicles.  Not only do EVs help the owner with lower maintenance and fuel costs, they also help society in general.  They have lower carbon emissions which helps to slow climate change, they don't have any tailpipe emissions resulting in lower health care costs, and they run on domestically-sourced electricity adding to national fuel security.

The lower fuel and maintenance costs result in savings that are spent in the local economy adding to economic development.  EVs can lower the cost of electricity for all citizens by spreading the cost of producing and distributing electricity over more buyers.

The links on EV benefits includes several items:

  • The full EV Benefits White Paper
  • Infographics style flyers, for Maryland and Virginia, highlighting the cost benefits of electric vehicles.
  • Flyers on EV investment benefits for state policy makers.  There are flyers for Maryland, Virginia, and a generic one for other states. The Maryland and Virginia versions also list the electric vehicle related bills before each legislature during the 2021 session.  

If you are interested in an investment benefits/legislative flyer customized for your state, contact Bob Erdman at bob.erdman @gmail.com

EV Benefits Flyers for State Policy Makers

Maryland, (Includes 2021 EV Bills)

Virginia, (Includes 2021 EV Bills)

Other States

EV Charging

EV Charging – This one page flyer contains a detailed comparison of the three Levels of EV charging.  The specifications and numbers are intended for a North American audience. 

EVs and a Cleaner Grid

EVs Get Cleaner as the Grid Gets Cleaner – This one page flyer contains maps from the Union of Concerned Scientists showing the MPG that a gasoline car would need to get to be as clean as an EV charged from the grid.  The maps show the various grid regions across the U.S. with maps for 2009, 2014, and 2018.  The three maps clearly show that the grid continues to get cleaner.

This also highlights that as the grid gets cleaner, an EV gets cleaner over time. 

Common EV Myths

Common EV Myths – EVADC members get questions all the time, just showing their EV to someone who passes by and at events where we show our vehicles. This two sided information sheet is a collection of common myths we routinely get asked about. 

Used 1st Gen Nissan Leaf

Used 1st Gen Nissan Leaf – Shopping for a used Nissan Leaf?  Only have pictures of a particular car on the web?  Often, dealers may not know whether or not a particular used Leaf has DC Quickcharging, 3.3 kW vs. 6.6 kW Level 2 charging, or resistive vs. heat pump heating, but they do have photos.  Here’s a handy guide that shows you what to look for when shopping for a 1st Gen Nissan Leaf.

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