Below are links to several route planning tools on the web.  As the ranges for EVs top 200 miles per charge, and EV DC Fast Chargers become more common, EV road trips are fast becoming a great way to hit the road and see the sites.  A little planning and experience is helpful so be sure to reach out to existing EV drivers. Below are some quick tips:

    • Over time you will learn how your car operates and what conditions impact range more than others.
    • Plan charging around meal stops and bathroom breaks.  Often you will NOT need stops just to charge.
    • Generally, stop DC fast charging at around 70 to 80 percent full.  Batteries charge fastest when they are closer to empty.  The exact behavior varies by car.
    • Like people, batteries don't like extremes.  Plan for extra charging needs when very hot, very cold, very hilly, or very windy.

Route Planning and Find Chargers

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