EVADC offers this guide to some of the many available tools you can use when shopping for new or used EV's and PHEV's. 


If you would like to talk to real EV owners and drivers to get advice on what to buy and how to charge it, consider coming to our monthly zoom meeting Ask-An-EV-Owner.  We're regular folks who will advise and answer questions in a friendly, no-pressure format.  Our members have driven over one million electric miles, just about every model out there, and charged in every setting from single family homes to apartments.  We sell nothing, we only want to help you succeed in making the transition from gasoline to electricity.

Federal Incentives

Handy Official Table allowing you to simply look up the available federal tax credit for any particular manufacturer and model of EV or PHEV.  Bottom Line: Any new EV or PHEV from a manufacturer other than GM (Chevy, Cadillac) or Tesla still qualifies. (Updated 7/28/22)

Similar IRS lookup table on 30D New Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (AKA "The EV Tax Credit"), which is filed on IRS Form 8936.

Maintained summary of federal EV incentives.


Maryland offers a 40% rebate of up to $700 residential, $4000 commerical on the purchase and installation of an EVSE (AKA "charger").  Maryland no longer offers an excise tax credit on EVs, however the HOV access sticker is available until 9/30/22. 

DC offers reduced registration fees and an excise tax exemption for EV's, as well as a 50% tax credit up to $1000 on the purchase and installation of a charger.

Virginia offers an HOV lane exemption, and an emissions inspection exemption.  In addition, Virginia collects a flat $109 "highway use fee" for EV's, even if driven at levels where a gas car would pay less than $109 in gas tax.

Maintained summary of EV incentives for DC, Maryland and Virginia.


Your electric utility likely offers a combination of incentives on the purchase and installation of chargers both at home and in condos and apartments, reduced time-of-use electric rates for your EV, and other perks. 

Dominion Virginia             Pepco MD             Pepco DC             BGE                 Potomac Edison


www.myev.com is a site free to buyers and sellers that shows privately owned and dealer EV's for sale in your area

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs (Electrek) A maintained nationwide list of the best lease deals on EV's, including deals in our area. Leases are generally best if you drive less than 10,000 miles/yr.

Best EV discounts from US dealers (Electrek)  A maintained nationwide list of the best discounts on new EV's.  Remember, cars  are routinely transported state-to-state and cross country for between about $500-$1500

CarsDirect Best Green Car Deals  Speaks for itself.  Maintained monthly survey of best deals on green cars.

Carvana  Enter your zip code to list cars by distance.  Filtered by electric fuel type. Add your location.

Autolist  Filtered for "electric", listed by price or distance.

Don't forget cars.com, cargurus, truecar.  They are all searchable by "electric" power train or fuel type.

EV-CPO is designed to efficiently search for certified pre-owned Teslas.

CarBargains  Highly rated shopping service in which you tell them the car you want and they interface with dealers and obtain bids.  They also have free do-it-yourself instructions.

Shopping for a used EV and want to know what options it originally had and what they cost?  Find the original Monroney stickers for any car 1981 or younger at monroneylabels.com



DaiTechCorp  Experienced, local, turnkey, one-stop-shop, ideal for installing charging at everything ranging from single-family homes all the way to commercial locations, multifamily apartments and condos.  They handle the whole package including helping you select chargers, contractors, installation and finding incentives.  One example of their recent work.  202-918-9373

Ryan Electrical Services ryanelectric@Verizon.net 301-509-9832

Clinton Electric 410-449-7292


How to Choose the Best Home Wall Charger for Your Electric Vehicle by Consumer Reports

L2 chargers are also at Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon and CostcoL2 lets you add about 30 miles per hour of charging, and is what most EV drivers install at home to increase the utility of their EVs.

QC Charge, EV West and EVSE Adapters offer more specialized EV charging hardware.


Energy Sage offers a nice all-encompassing guide to EV's and PHEV's.

Consumer Reports has extensive ratings and a buying guide.


If you hear of any good EV deals, please let us know by email at evaofdc@gmail.com


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